story of my life

…or rather, parts of my life.

My life is not an open book; even here, where I capture the ideas and desires that motivate my life, I am discreet; I don’t have a ‘100 things about me’ list, I don’t complete memes, and when I write about people in my life, I tend to do so at a distance (sometimes weeks, often years).

Still, there are details, here, for the curious.

Such as how my life as a sexual deviant, which began at fourteen when I discovered sex in a medium not so different then the IMs we use today. It didn’t take long to be hooked – of course, I had to lie about my age to get people to talk to me about ‘adult’ things, but I was convincing.

And eager to learn.

My explorations didn’t stay textually based for long. I became rather attached to playing on the phone.. And this is where the real trouble began, because it is where I learned about D/s and led to me eventually meeting some of those I spoke with.

But I am more then the sum of my sinful endeavors. There are my scattered hobbies, my attempts to find life-reminders outside my study: sky-diving, hang-gliding, and my more sedate reading habits.

I’ve touched on dentists, my best friend in college, and the jewelry I wear.

There is mention of how I met my submissive and best friend, NE, and then how I kept her attention.

For the voyeuristic, there are a number of on-line chats from my past and a few examples of my more intimate playful exploits.

As for the rest – well, there’s a lot of posts I haven’t touched upon.

And you can always ask.

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  1. I find you endlessly fascinating. Were I to start asking questions, I would probably never stop. Thank you so for offering your life up to the extent that you currently do.

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