Phone Voice

Everyone has a phone voice. Your voice may get softer. It may drop an octave. You may take more time in the phrasing of your thoughts. You may enunciate yours words differently.

I was fifteen the first time I had phone sex. Using Argus (details here) as my virtual playground, I had learned enough about sex to be dangerous. I was cocky. I thought I had a real nice grasp on how to be a very bad boy.

And then I bumped into BG. A couple of whispered comments later and I had her in a private chat and we were going at it on top of a virtual washing machine. Several fairly intense chats later and she asked me to call her. I don’t recall the exact age I was pretending to be – but I certainly had not told her the truth – that she was talking to a very precocious teenage boy. She was in her early thirties, married, and had a couple of kids…kids not much younger then I. My age would definitely been a deal-breaker, and I was enjoying myself way too much to risk it.

So I resisted. No way in hell could I pull this off over the phone. No fucking way could I convince her I was an adult.

It was not going to happen.

But it did happen. She begged and pleaded. She asked me to call her just once and listen to her get off. I would not have to say anything. Just listen to her.

Who could turn that down?

And listening to her describe where her fingers were and hearing the pure unfiltered moans of pleasure as she drove herself over the edge – knowing she was sitting there naked, thighs spread, her hand busy in a place I had only envisioned through words – was just the beginning. Until then, sex to me had been two-dimensional – text and imagination. And while the written word is powerful, especially when used by my fertile, twisted mind, this – this was like sight to a blind man. A new way to experience something I was already dangerously close to being addicted to.

It was a drug – and I was hooked.

Screw the consequences. The desire to have more far outweighed the risk of being found out. I told her to call me again. And this time I didn’t listen passively.

From this experience, I learned some very important lessons:

People believe what they want to believe. No one ever suspected my age, even after hearing my voice and finding out how little I knew about adult life.

If you’re good at phone sex, you can make people do all kinds of things over the phone.

If you’re good at phone sex, you can make women orgasm for hours on end just by listening to your voice.

If you’re good at phone sex, and it turns out I am damn good at it, you can make them aware of their body in a way they had never experienced before. By forcing them to concentrate on just my voice and my commands, I could learn their bodies more intimately then those who had spent years sleeping next to them.

A whole new world was opened to me and I spent the next several years exploring it.

Incidentally, BG was also the person who started me down the road of D/s. It is because of her that I began to explore certain ideas and desires that would lead to my development as the amazingly sweetly and cruel dominant I am today.

5 thoughts on “Phone Voice”

  1. It is a gift to give good phone. And a sexy voice has always held a strange power over my libido. It’s so nice to recognize one’s own talents, I think…

  2. Funny that you should write about this now…I was just thinking the other day how much I actually miss phone sex.

    Sure, I’m getting more of the actual thing now, but…well…there was something special about it that I wouldn’t mind revisiting.

  3. When my fiance and I first met we lived 500 miles away from each other, and for stretches of time we would have to resort to phone sex. It was hot, him telling me what I was allowed to do and when, me begging, the deep growl in his voice when I pleased him.
    Then I moved here to be with him and I have to say- sometimes I really miss the phone sex.
    Fucking hot.

  4. Brilliant. Fascinating. I am writing about this now, myself, just now experiencing what phone sex can be…thank you.

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