Holly pages: “it gives me a rush to flash you while someone else is here.”

D’jaevle smiles. “You didn’t answer my question.”

Holly pages: “yes, i’m very wet.”

D’jaevle pages: “Remove your shirt.”

Holly pages: “can i get up from my desk to do it?”

D’jaevle pages: “Yes.”


Holly pages: “you can see my nipples through this bra.”

D’jaevle pages: “I want you to push your chair back three feet and slip your bra up to show your breasts.”

Holly whimpers.

D’jaevle pages: “Now.”

Holly pages: “would you like anything else?”

D’jaevle pages: “I want you to undo your jeans.”

Holly smiles. they’re black knit slacks, no undoing to them ;)

D’jaevle smiles. “Then show me your panties.”

Holly pages: “front or back?”

D’jaevle pages: “Front.”

Holly pages: “i dont think i can.”

D’jaevle waits.

Holly pages: “they’re very plain.”

D’jaevle “Say it. Tell me what you are.””

Holly pages: “i am your fucktoy.”

D’jaevle pages: “How did it make you feel to slip your pants down for me?”

Holly pages: “so hot.”

D’jaevle pages: “How hot?”

Holly pages: “i can feel my wool sweater grazing across my nipples.”
Holly pages: “i’m imagining it’s your teeth.”

D’jaevle pages: “Find out how wet you are.”

Holly pages: “very.”

D’jaevle pages: “How badly do you want to cum?”

Holly pages: “very, very bad. i want to feel your cock filling me even more.”
Holly pages: “my whole body is tense.”

D’jaevle pages: “I want you to run your fingers over your clit, once, hard.”

Holly pages: “i want more.”

D’jaevle pages: “How much?”

Holly pages: “if only i knew how much longer she would be..”
Holly pages: “i want to hear you.”
Holly pages: “i want you to hear me.”
Holly pages: “i would have to be so quiet.”

D’jaevle pages: “Now, then. Do you understand?”

Holly pages: “yes.”
Holly pages: “yes, please.”
Holly pages: “but you have to let me leave the office”
Holly pages: “i’m not doing it in here.”

D’jaevle pages: “Stay in the seat.”

Holly pages: “no, i won’t answer.”
Holly pages: “i absolutely cannot.”

D’jaevle waits.

Holly pages: “i wouldn’t be able to say a word to you!”

D’jaevle pages: “I’m going to make you be quiet.”
D’jaevle pages: “And do as I say. Exactly. Do you understand?”

Holly pages: “yes.”

D’jaevle pages: “Answer. Do you understand?”

Holly pages: “yes!”

D’jaevle pages: “Ask me to call now.”

Holly pages: “please call now. hurry.”

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