Sleeping on the Floor

Socially, the first two years of college did not differ much from my high school days. My time spent on-line decreased as I spent more time in classes and hanging out with the other guys in the dormitory. Still, it didn’t take me long to figure out how to check for other users on the college network and send talk requests to random women to see who would respond.

I met with some success, seducing two or three of those girls into rather intimate conversations. This is how I found NE.

We only spoke once or twice, but I managed to get her to admit she was getting turned on – no mean feat considering she was in a computer lab surrounded by friends. Although we only had a couple of conversations during my freshman year, her name stuck with me over the next few years.

Midway through my junior year, I began to come into my own as a qualified social human being. I had weaned myself away from the on-line world. Through the guidance (and corruption) of a good friend, I got drunk for the first time and was forced into situations where I had to prove my value as someone worth hanging out with. I learned how to turn my quirks into interesting personality traits. I gained confidence. I helped start an underground literary magazine. I DJ’d for the college radio station. Those years spent seducing and manipulating women on-line had honed my intuitive skills – it was easy to make people feel comfortable around me.

The night I met NE in person, I was sitting on the steps of my dormitory and smoking a clove. We shared a mutual friend, SB, so when it was time to head back inside, we invited NE to join us. I knew who she was, but I wasn’t sure she had made the connection.

She had. As I later found out, after our on-line conversations she had taken to keeping an eye out for me (especially at lunch where I would often sit along and enjoy a good book while I ate). She knew my habits and friends. It would have been disconcerting if it wasn’t weirdly flattering.

As mentioned, I had a knack for creating a comfortable social setting and NE was looking for a hiding spot (she was dealing with her own social issues) which made hanging out in my room ideal. I spent the rest of the semester getting to know her while playing cards and just goofing off. I even had a movie date with her.

The interesting thing was, I never felt pressed to do anything. I had past the point of needing social validation, so enjoying her company was purely gravy. When we all left for the semester break, she gave me her number and said I should call.

Several weeks into the break, I did. Her mother said she wasn’t available, so I left a message requesting she get in touch with me. She never did. I was rather annoyed, but I wasn’t going to pester her.

For my last semester at college, I got my own room. This room would quickly became the social hang-out for my group of friends. Everyone had the room combination, I always had good music playing (the dawn of MP3s), I didn’t mind people smoking in the room, and I had a fold-out table that was easy to play cards on. I never pushed NE on why she hadn’t called but I did distance myself from her a bit and took to pretending to be upset with her, which drove her crazy. Each evening around 1am, when I would kick everyone out, she would hang back to spend a few minutes alone with me. Minutes became hours, and talking became something else.

But I never gave her as much as she wanted. I would give her long intimate back rubs. Gradually I upped the ante, teasing her until I knew she wanted, needed, more. And then I would send her back to her own room. Night after night of this left her confused – and hooked. After one particularly late night, she asked if she could sleep over.

I relented. I told her she could sleep over, but she’d have to sleep on the floor.

She did.

3 Responses to “Sleeping on the Floor”

  1. g Says:

    So wicked You are.

  2. Magdelena Says:

    Wicked yet masterful. I adore how you exquisitely manipulate moments, experiences, feelings and sensations to extremis. It’s the highest evolution of seduction and a D/s dream.

  3. D'jaevle Says:


    Interesting how you map seduction and D/s together; I was a seducer years before I considered myself Dominant.

    One of my interests has been in ‘fast seduction’ (see Ross Jeffries, Mystery, Style) and its parellels with D/s. Among the topics taught by fast seduction are techniques to connect to women in a quick and intimate fashion. What I’ve always considered simple manipulative skills are distilled into routines. I think this is something I’m going to explore (and perhaps write) more of.

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