There were tears in my eyes from the wind.

The world is a different place at 5000 feet, and when your hanging from a glider, bleeding altitude in sharp turns and steep stalls, the world is a roller coaster of green and blue.

Leaning forward lowered the front of the glider and I picked up speed at the expense of height. The landing strip was now about 1300 feet below; I shifted my weight to the left, nudging the glider into a graceful turn that left us lined up for a landing, and then pulled back while leaning to the right to straighten us out and settle us at trim speed.

The landing, when it came, was swift and a bit bumpy. I extricated myself from the harness, feeling earth under my feet for the first time in an hour.

I was smiling when I walked away.

4 Responses to “flying”

  1. Elspeth Says:


    I’ve longed to be brave enough to hang glide or sky dive. I don’t know that I ever will be …

  2. Elspeth Says:

    You’ve added a photo. Oy. Now I’m salivating.

    I need a life.

    *shakes head*

  3. pnthrkitty Says:

    amazing. The photo is beautiful! Glad you had a good time!!

  4. selkie Says:

    that to me is FLYING … just you and the wind and the world unfolding beneath your feet – I’ve been up on a kite behind a boat but tehre is still NOISE ….I want to do that- badly

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