Hollywood Kisses, Part II

(My initial thoughts on kissing can be found here.)

Last night I got another lesson in kissing.

If anyone tells you they’ve learned everything they need to know about fooling around, pity them, for they have forgotten the nuances of touching, the pure joy of physical contact, and the beauty of exploring something new and different.

I had NE over and we were having dinner. Having actually managed to get eight hours of sleep the night before (I am such a slut for sleep), I was in a fairly capable mood. She, however, was a bit of a mess. The fact I am leaving for Vegas in a week, the fact that I hadn’t had much time to give her the right attention the weeks after a scene require (or rather, she thinks are required), and the fact that she was taking a well-earned break from work and had more time then usual to indulge herself- well, these facts made for very interesting dinner conversation.

Dinner started with her critiquing my shirt (“it’s much too large on you”), progressed through picking apart my house (“it makes me feel claustrophobic”) and ended somewhere after taking offense at my comments on traffic (“you poor thing, being stuck in traffic in your comfy air-conditioned, six-CD changer car”). Her mood kept swinging between anger (with accompanying glares), and melancholy (with sad wet eyes).

Finally, the truth came out.

“I don’t want to give it you. If I am angry with you, you take it. If I cry on you, you have that too. You don’t deserve any of it.”

Ah, I love her so. But I digress, once more.

Later in the evening, we were standing on my porch and drinking wine. I asked her how SB liked to be kissed.


Tight. Hrmmm. And how do I kiss?

“Open…you have such a large mouth.”

Thanks. I think. Show me how she likes to be kissed.

She did – it was tighter then the way we kissed. To me, it felt like I was parting my lips to take a small bite of something. Short, sweet, and very inviting.

It took several tries before I thought I was getting the hang of it.


Hey now! This is something I know I have.

“No, not that kind of confidence…confidence like you really want her, want all of her.”

Ah. Perhaps my kisses…are sometimes a bit restrained. Control is a hard habit to break and can sometimes be an impediment.

A few kisses later and I really was getting the hang of it. Lesson over. Or so I thought.

When it was time for her to go, I walked her to the door and paused to give her a kiss goodbye.

She pulled away after the kiss, “You were too quick at the end.” She froze and then muttered, “This is getting out of hand,” and then headed quickly to her car. It was all I could do to not grin. I went upstairs and penciled more kissing lessons in for our next meeting.

One thought on “Hollywood Kisses, Part II”

  1. There is definitely something to be said for the kiss where your partner is powerful, confident, and demanding. The type of kiss that you can lose yourself and all hope of control in.

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