The Male Clit

Anytime a female mentions the fact that us males are lucky because we are capable of relieving ourselves from a standing position, I point out that I would gladly trade this in for a gift that women, as a rule, have over men: multiple orgasms.

Yes, I know males can achieve this. Yes, I know there are a significant number of women who are not multi-orgasmic.

The fact remains – in this area men got the short end of the stick.

While I am on it, however, I’d also like to express my envy with the fact that women reach their sexual peak at thirty, whereas men do so at a much younger age. Women are coming into their sexual prime at a point in their life where they’ve had a chance to gather enough knowledge and experience to actually do something with all that sexual energy. Dumb teenage males spend their sexual primes trying to get to second base in the back of their parent’s stationwagon.

And here, to answer a question that we all are curious about, whether we know it or not, is Roger Swanson: womanizer, armchair psychiatrist, and grudging mentor to his nephew.

Roger Swanson, Roger Doger

5 thoughts on “The Male Clit”

  1. It really sucks that I’m hitting this fantastical fucking prime and my sexual “match” is an 18 year old BOY. I don’t want a boy, I want an experienced man who can take me and make me his.


  2. Sexually, it may be the case that men got the short end of the stick. I’ll venture though that they got the long end of the stick in all sorts of other areas: not menstuating, not having to bear children, and in general a shorter work week and a higher paycheck. Don’t be bitter dear, leave us our multiple orgasms. In Saudi Arabia, we still don’t have the vote.

    There has been a lot of debate on why the female orgasm evolved since it seems to play no evolutionary or survival-derived function. My take is that it was compensation for the utterly shitty, drudgery-filled, servile lives that 80% of females in the world lead. (I’m excluding myself – I have a fine life).

    rg: pornographer, arm-chair quarterback and curmudgeon.

  3. Oh, I’m not really bitter. In actuality, I love the fact I can bring my companions to that edge over and over again. Pushing someone over that line is an enjoyment to rival my own physical pleasure.

  4. It happened to me at 33 and has gotten more intense as each year passes. Fortunately for me, MFC has always had a very high libido and so far, he keeps up just fine.

    And RG – darlin, you have a point. I hear from readers of my smut, especially the erotic romance, every week about their lives and about how just adding these spicy bits has revolutionized their lives and sparked their libido. Revolution begins at home, in your brain. Some women can’t even get that far, not far enough to make themselves have orgasms to substitute for the ones they don’t get in bed with their partners.

  5. I liked your comment on my blog. I found it to be well articulated and surprisingly accurate. Thanks for caring enough to say something interesting.


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