favored by the sinners

   You are faith,
        favored by the sinners
        forgiven but not forgotten
        first to be filled
               to flinch.

     in silence
     in stillness

     you belong here.

Happy new year, children.

I am off to the city of sin, to enjoy a week of decadence.

Here, a small gift.


D'jaevle, Grail

One Response to “favored by the sinners”

  1. lea Says:

    Ahh how sweet this New Year’s Eve poem and words as well.
    You always catch me at my most vulnerable and open.. I wonder, how do you know?!
    No matter.. it is delicious and delightful to hear your words on the 31st.
    Enjoy your visit to the city of sin.. whichever one it may be.. there are several that jump to mind!

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