Please, resist.

We treasure that which hurts us most.

  the greater the sacrifice
    the deeper the wound
       the darker our desire to take the hand that wields the knife.

Turn out the lights. Close your eyes. Listen.

And then tell me.

Will you struggle?

I'm hoping you will. 

D'jaevle, Struggle

3 thoughts on “Please, resist.”

  1. I stumbled across your journal. It didnt take much more than reading the first post, which was then Breath in and Breath out…

    Over the last week, I have read nearly every post preceding that one, and listened to most.

    Your posts have made me feel lost in a fog, reaching out for something, but not being able to touch it. I feel blind almost.

    And worse, I felt I should tell you.

  2. struggle.. indeed. i always struggle..before giving in , again– over and over.. i dance the same dance.

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