“Consider it a lesson.”

Some lessons are harder than others.

Faith: is there anything that I /can/ do that you would want?

D’jaevle: Tonight? No. The cost of having you is in your flesh, in the naked offering.

Faith: the thought of you hard,… even considering wanting me,… makes me feel weak, wanting. I’m aching, wanting my legs to be spread apart, so that I can be entered.

D’jaevle: I am sending you to sleep with an ache to match my own.

Faith: *whimpers*
Faith: I /need/ the feeling of being entered…

D’jaevle: Some things will have to wait.
D’jaevle: I am patient.
D’jaevle: I go to sleep, or rather, to linger in bed and envision. And then sleep.

Faith: you’re going to make me insane….

D’jaevle: Good.
D’jaevle: Now sleep. Or rather, go lay in bed and think of being on your knees.

Faith: you’ve made me ache so badly…
Faith: please.. can I at least give myself some release? Even as inadequate as it is?

D’jaevle: No.
D’jaevle: Tomorrow, yes.
D’jaevle: Tonight, no.

Faith: God.. I will go insane. I don’t know how to sleep like this.

D’jaevle: Consider it a lesson.

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