What do you offer the Wolf?

Only once has this act been taken to completion; only once was I taken by surprise and tipped over the edge. Some women have an ego about it, a sense of pride, believing their skills unique and determined to prove it.

It is an exchange power, a delicate offering that can be gentle and brutal. With hands buried in your hair, ownership of this act is in question, poised on a fulcrum between possession and the possessed.

You tease with teeth and parted lips; I tease with the blunt side of my blade.

What do you offer the wolf at the door?

A rose, your throat, or something…more?

D’jaevle, Bedtime Story– Embraced

9 thoughts on “What do you offer the Wolf?”

  1. I missed your voice. Silken words.

    I am in the middle of a knife obsession now. The thought of that blunt edge and the promise of the blade replay over and over in my mind lately.

  2. Okay could you clarify that for me? Now what exactly do you mean? Your voice sounds sooo young, smoking cigarettes…

  3. embraced…how lovely… excellent choice, as usual…the spoken word made this bedtime story sure to be brought to bed…

  4. Hear him howling around my kitchen door? See him pacing the front lawn during the Dark of the Moon, watch him as he waits upon a shelf of dove-grey limestone under the sycamores?

    Many wonder what I bring to the Wolf that comes to the door but are too fearful to ask, to even see. Some though, see me up on the ridge, close by the sentry of standing cedars, waiting just a moment to find the courage to step into the woods. And what does a girl bring the Wolf in the woods?

    Thank you for your entry and oh, your voice. As one that knows a little about the Wolves, I stayed enthralled.


  5. Mmmm…..I have not heard your voice before, but I do like the way you say fucked. You sound very John Malkovich in Dangerous Liaisons, all tight breeches and loosened cuffs and boots. At least, that’s the way I imagine you :)

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