Wooden Chests

You kneel in front of the chest,
opening it at my command.
Inside, two smaller chests.
You wonder which I will choose.
"The rosewood."
Inside: leather manacles, leather collar, leather leash.
I have you place the collar around your throat.
You comply.
The chest is closed.
A look, a touch, and you move to the bed.
I reach for the rope.

6 thoughts on “Wooden Chests”

  1. CG, you took the words right out of my mouth. Look at how shiny that floor is.

    As if it were possible to have an empty closet, containing just one chest, in my house. Ha.

    Thanks for the glimpse and the accompanying scenario.

  2. Well – that closet *is* in my playroom (though it does double as a guest room).

    And yes, I like to keep clean those places I play in.

    If only to make them dirty during the actual playing…

  3. What beautiful hardwood floors… and quite the cool chest. It’s nice to have a view of your surroundings makes it seem just a little more ‘real’.
    I’m lucky if I can see even an inch of the floor of my closet.

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