Madeleine: Seeing you again

It is a delicious ache when someone gets under your skin, into your bloodstream, inside your head. An ache that flares every time you are reminded of them. A graceless thought that touches off all the reasons they make you need them.

D’jaevle says “Do you ever think about my voice?”

Madeleine says “Like, all the time.”

D’jaevle arches a brow, “Really.”

Madeleine says “I think about YOU all the time.”

D’jaevle runs a hand down the side of your neck, slowly, his eyes on yours, “I like that. I like being under your skin.”

Madeleine sighs. “I think, often, about seeing you again.”

D’jaevle leans in closer, voice almost a whisper, “I love stripping you bare.” He brushes his lips across your forehead, “How does the thought of seeing me again make you feel?”

Madeleine shudders. “Very, very wet… especially in the highly-suggestible state I’m in.”

D’jaevle leans in close, his hands slipping over your shoulders, “What do you want right now?”

Madeleine grins. “Mmm…, I want you. I want to be on my knees again at your feet. I want to feel the heat of your breath and your lips on my throat…”

D’jaevle smiles, his voice becoming soft again, “I also enjoyed having you bent over the bed, my fingers sliding into you from behind, finding just how wet you were for me.”

Madeleine shivers. “I am always wet when you’re around. Or even when you’re in my head.”

D’jaevle lets his hand drift down your stomach his hair brushing your cheek, “It’ll be harder next time to not want to push you, to do things I know might bend you to the limit. To want more from inside of you.”

Madeleine laughs. “If you worry, don’t give me alcohol. I’m far more stubborn without it.”

D’jaevle tilts you back, one hand on your lower back to support you as his breath tickles your throat, “And right now? If I told you I wanted to bury my fingers in your hair and force you gently, through words that make you want it like a life-saving medicine, to slip your lips over me and take all of me, what would you do?”

5 thoughts on “Madeleine: Seeing you again”

  1. Wow, I completely agree with lea.
    And just want to say, you are in a complete leauge of your own, You have such a way with words….

  2. She is not so predictable, though I’d give it decent odds of a capitulative response.


  3. Capitulative, perhaps, but always with mischief to match the hunger.

    No, she is never so predictable.

    Except in her ability to capture my attention.

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