Can you quantify a person? Can you reduce them to a base number? Are we more than our IQ, height, weight and salary?

Does the number of people you’ve slept with reveal something meaningful? Should we calculate our genetic disposition for getting cancer and live our lives accordingly? Am I a poor citizen if my gas mileage is well below the national average? Does the length of my hair tell you how well I do my job? If sleeping with a married person is immoral, does sleeping with two make you twice as bad? What about three?

Are there diminishing returns on guilt?

Do we choose our friends to be funny? Which is better – base humor, sarcasm, sweet laughter or devastating ridicule?

What of intelligence? Is clever better than smart? Intuitive better than astute?

Am I a better blogger if I write three times a week instead of two?

Is the worth of a person counted in the number of friends they have? Does the quality of friendship affect this number?

Does fucking around with more people increase your chance for satiation or simply make you more hungry?

Sometimes people just don’t add up.

Sometimes we’re more than the sum of our parts.

And sometimes it is just better not to count.

3 thoughts on “Quantification”

  1. “And sometimes it is just better not to count.”

    Indeed. Sometimes it is better. And you’re right, sometimes people just don’t add up. Sometimes we get stuck on perception rather than fact, and the only thing we can ever truly know is ourselves. I do hope you feel better after such deep thoughts.


  2. I much prefer quality to quantity, in all things. I have a feeling you do too.

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