Hues of Something Darker

If my chat logs are a wine cellar, my conversations with Madeleine are the rare vintages, to be savored and sipped at sparingly. And yet, I have so many gems. So many moments captured that still have the power to make me pause. I can feel the wolf stirring. She is prey he knows well; she tastes of the chase, the sublime submission when teeth meet throat. The scent of her, when she is close, is enough to bring him fully awake.


D’jaevle says “You are more then welcome to sleep here, against my chest. I will keep away all the bad dreams…except the ones I want you to have.”

Madeleine smiles at that and snuggles her head against your chest. “You are perfect, you know, as a master. As my master. I know you care about me, and would never do anything to really hurt me. But at the same time, you aren’t one of those masters who’s so coddling and adoring that you wonder who the master is, really.”

D’jaevle says “My position is to take care of you; not serve. It is to protect; not appease. It is to give; but only what I think you need.”

Madeleine smiles. “That’s what I mean. I’ve had doms before that were so desperate to please -me- that it made me wonder who had which role, there.”

D’jaevle shakes his head with a faint smile, “Don’t get me wrong. I do adore you. But I adore you as my pet.”

Madeleine is happy to be adored, in whichever way it comes.

D’jaevle says “I adore your neck, for how well it marks, and how the tightening of my fingers causes the same tightening between your thighs.”

Madeleine says “I don’t adore the way my neck marks ;)”
Madeleine says “It’s likely to get me in trouble.”

D’jaevle says “Ah, but I do. It would not be as much fun if there were no marks left at all.”

Madeleine thinks the back of her neck is a good place for those… or lower. ;)

D’jaevle wouldn’t mind leaving some very pretty ones along your breasts next time.

Madeleine says “I’m kinda surprised you didn’t last time.”

D’jaevle says “Why is that? I left plenty of marks elsewhere.”

Madeleine shrugs. “I don’t know… maybe you were too busy on my thighs. They got more than their fair share.”

D’jaevle arches a brow, “More? Too much for your thighs?”

Madeleine says “Biiiig dark bruises.”

D’jaevle smiles, “I will make sure to spread them out across your body more evenly. Happy?

Madeleine laughs. “Actually, that’s probably not good. It’s easier to hide them if they’re only in certain spots.” Madeleine adds “If they’re everywhere, kinda hard to hide. Plus I don’t want to look like a leopard. ;)”

D’jaevle rolls his eyes, “Make up your mind, fickle beast.” He bites your ear lightly.

Madeleine laughs. “I’m a woman… you shouldn’t get your hopes up.”

D’jaevle looks down at you in his lap, “And I am cruel. I shall leave one here, ” His finger runs over your neck, right where it meets your shoulder. “And here,” Fingers slip down to your breasts, tracing the curve of one, stopping along the side, “Maybe here…” Fingers continue to your hip, lazily teasing the skin.

Madeleine grins. “All new places… perhaps one day, there won’t be a single part of me below the neck that you’ve not marked.”

4 thoughts on “Hues of Something Darker”

  1. I suppose it might not be anyone’s place to ask this, but I couldn’t help wondering as I read it (I assume you simply won’t answer if you don’t care to)… Is this you, or do you take a role for her? It’s more the affection of the exchange that makes me wonder, most of your posted exchanges involve you in a more… strict.. role, this is a more clearly affectionate, playful, one. Not that one role can’t exist without the other, so perhaps the question is foolish…

  2. Aur,
    The question isn’t foolish; the honest truth is that I have a connection with her and I think it comes across in our interaction.

    I assume a role for everyone I meet (we all do); my colleagues see me a certain way, my family sees me another. Some, those close to us, see more than one role (brother, friend; lover, partner, mentor; Dom, friend).

    But I don’t think that is really your question; I think you are asking whether I am acting, rather than being. And that is a much harder question to answer. There is a certain role I play in her life, and it is a role I both enjoy and play well. It’s not an act – but to say I am not very deliberate in certain things I say or do with her would not be the truth either. That is part of the art in being a Dom (or just a good lover).

    Understanding someone so well that you know how to bring them to their knees with a word or a look makes you good. That they beg for the privilege makes you a master.

  3. There may be more affection, too, because my ego won’t tolerate a -true- master. I think D’jaevle is a master at knowing the path to unlocking someone’s lust, and he’s known me long enough to know that mine lies through my ego. So he lets me believe we are closer to equals, treats me, occasionally, like a protege, of sorts. Approaching me as a pure dom would probably push me to stubbornness. Which could be fun, but time consuming. >:)

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