nature [wolf and owl]

“It is a good thing we are both predators,” said the Wolf, “Or we’d be going hungry this winter.”

Owl landed on a branch nearby. “I am a predator, that is true.” Owl raised a wing, checking it carefully, “But isn’t it the nature of my food that will help me in the coming cold months.”

Wolf laid himself at the foot of the tree Owl rested in. He yawned. “Isn’t it though? Predators are spoiled for choice in their food.”

Beak to wing, Owl began to clean himself, but not before offering these words, “If your choice of food doesn’t survive far into winter, neither will you. I’d be careful in relying too much on your sharp teeth and claws and spend a bit more time thinking about what you will snack on if all the burrows come up empty.”

Baring his teeth in a friendly-like smile, Wolf settled his head upon his paws and dreamt of chasing rabbits.

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