the better to taste you with [wolf and owl]

While talking in the woods one day, Owl and Wolf came across a small, slightly-dead, mouse. The wolf, hungry, immediately pounced upon it and promptly caught his snout in a painful trap.

Whining, Wolf rolled onto his back, wiggling back and forth. He pressed his paws to the vise that kept his jaws closed, kicking and silently snarling, to no avail.

Owl watched with great amusement and just a hint of concern.

While twisting and rolling upon the ground, Wolf managed to catch the jaw on a small sharp stump. Using the stump, Wolf finally managed to pry the trap off. After a moment of exhausted panting, Wolf said, “I have learned an important lesson today.”

“To be wary of that which comes too easily?” asked the Owl.

Wolf pounced upon the unmoving mouse, swallowing it whole. “No,” said the Wolf, teeth bared in a friendly-like, and most satisfied, smile, “I have learned that meals taste even better after a bit of exercise.”

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