the smallest star

My nephew just had his first birthday.

Last week I stood on the balcony of a beach house with my nephew in my arms, his small fingers wrapped around the slender silver chain around my neck.

I rested my head against his and was startled by just how blue his eyes were.

I began to count back the seconds, minutes, and days, trying to remember a time before the inertia of life had carried me past the point of owning such beautiful potential, when the grace of innocence allowed uncompromised belief.

I couldn’t remember that far back.

3 thoughts on “the smallest star”

  1. Your words are beautiful. I am moved by the image you offer.


  2. By the way, my web addy changed *points to links* that one is gone now. (Same blog, though).

    ~ Ellie

    PS and I still think this is sad, in a very sweet sort of way. Oh, dear. Feeling sentimental …

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