The First Time

I was fourteen. It was the eighties and I was on a 2400 baud modem. I’d only recently discovered the excitement of being able to chat on a BBS with two or more people simultaneously. There were even rumors of Bulletin Board Systems out there that had twenty, thirty people on at once.


The BBS was called Future Wave, and it was homed out of Massachusetts. I had struck up a conversation with…well I don’t recall her handle, but her real name was Jenny. She was about the same age as I and was feeling rather down about something.

So I tried to cheer her up. I was a very creative fourteen year old. Described taking her out to a nice restraunt. The snowfight afterwards. She decided she needed to shower to warm up after having snow poured down the front of her shirt.

She described the towel she wore as she stepped out of the shower.

I don’t recall what happened next – but it did not involve hot naked sex. I think I might have fled in confusion over what to do next.

But I had tasted something – and, well, I wanted more. I never did manage to get Jenny in a one-on-one chat again.

Still, she did send me a rather nice Christmas card.

Of course, I said. It is an Intro.

Neither Wikpedia, nor, were very helpful in defining ‘introduction’.

I am neither a musical passage, nor, despite my meandering words, a novel. I am simply human and all the good, evil, and otherwise that comes with it. So this introduction will be done without guidance. I’m just going to free-style it.

Hello, nice to meet you.

Half the fun of a blog is seeing details emerge. The shape of a person. The way they craft their words, the glimpses into their life. I would not want to rob you of this by giving away too much at the beginning. Some of you already know way too much about me. But a few guideposts would be appropriate.

I’m part of the male half of the species. I live on the east coast. I read (a lot).

I am a sinner. I like being a sinner. At one point I thought I might want to be a priest; someday perhaps. I’m not quite done with the sinning.

I’ll leave a taste of my sinning in the next couple of posts. Just a feel of them.