“she is a woman, therefore to be won”

The best way to make a woman feel beautiful is to touch her.

It can be gentle or rough; it can be unhurried or frenzied; it can be lingering or fleeting.

But it must always be with deliberation.

Because a woman knows.

The first time your hands find her, she knows. She knows if you are indulging in the heat rising from her arched hips; knows how aware you are of her soft skin and permissive nature. She knows when your hands are brusque but not ungracious. She knows when your kisses covet and when your touches become carnivorous.

When you uncover the secrets that make her yours, but continue to believe in the mystery of her body, she knows.

When the line between the small of her back and her thighs becomes a chord in the learning, an ellipse at the end of your fingertips, she knows.

And when you use her, wringing pleasure in indelicate cries from her parted lips, she knows you know too.

2 thoughts on ““she is a woman, therefore to be won””

  1. ~narrowing eyes~ Really, now … must you? I liked it that there were so few of you out there. I mean, it’s nice and all, to be touched like that … to be the recipient of such attentions.

    But this information in the wrong hands can be bad. ~strumming nails~

    Effin’ vulnerability. Someone should poke you with a very pointy fingertip.


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