the delicate, yet beautiful, neck of writing

I write about writing
and when I read what I wrote
I know I am right about writing
when it goes for the throat

4 Responses to “the delicate, yet beautiful, neck of writing”

  1. Tess Says:

    How I miss the feeling, the slowly growing pressure of fingers – gentle at first, stroking me like a kitten into a state of complacency – wrapping around my throat. In that moment, that first instance of panic, I watch myself struggle, resist, but know I want to you right where you are – at my throat.

  2. elise Says:

    Nice, Tess.

    I don’t want anyone there. I’d fight it. Hard.


  3. Liebkraft Says:


  4. selkie Says:

    breath control…ultimate surrender … delicious little thought here

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