the gentleman experiment



Get on your fucking knees. 


When considering proper etiquette, does the please go before or after reminding someone they should be acting the proper slut?

12 thoughts on “the gentleman experiment”

  1. Politeness is never wrong. Somehow it makes it hotter for me when you say dirty things in a civilized even well mannered way.

    Before or after? Hmm. I’d say either is equally sexy.

  2. Before would for me do the job. ;-) Especially when it’s softly spoken, then it contains some kind of a threat. And i love that. :-)

  3. Before. The force of the command should come after the politeness. Placed after, the “please” disarms the command, which is not as it should be.

  4. I have to agree WHOLE HEARTEDLY with Moonheart. A very deep and dark whisper spoken at the back of the intendeds neck. YUM

  5. Mischief is right. If you say it after it just loses its power, it actually makes me want to laugh

  6. I agree with Mischief and Abby, when it comes after the command it’s like a question. Before it contains still its power as a command.
    Nice to read what it does for others.

  7. Yes, as Elise suggested after the comma…
    I do not think Id be a very obedient submissive; I hate the word slut and hate being on my knees.
    Though it was nice to see you didnt include that word!

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