nice shoes

NE suggested a slightly different take on my audio clip below; ever the benevolent dictator, I've replaced the clip with the newer version.


Tonight is a time of hunger, when the wolf is close enough to the surface that I can feel the cold yellow eyes looking out.

is it ever enough, a bit of blood, the ungentle allure of the forbidden – 

is it ever enough, lips parted, eyes closed, breathing it, drowning in it –

is it ever enough, cutting against the grain instead of with it, as if the welling of need can be stemmed by nipping at the heels, chasing tail instead of heart?

I don't think it is. 


May I suggest – this is best listened to alone.

D'jaevle, Raw

4 Responses to “nice shoes”

  1. ...solipsubmissive... Says:

    ~odd look~ Nice shoes?


  2. Robin Says:

    lol…”nice shoes” is usually accompanied by “wanna fuck?”…

    at least it does here in Michigan!

  3. ...solipsubmissive... Says:



    Silly me.


  4. Beth Says:

    Ever enough?

    No. Never.

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