one hundred percent true

to the innocent child
safely snug in comfort green
your laughter
crowds my heart

to the unrepentant teacher
driven, but never divided
your passion
is a lesson itself

to the patient submissive
whose quiet never quite reaches her eyes
your deserving need
serves my own

and to the fair-skinned woman
who believed when I said time would be enough
your love
is a fulcrum in my life

3 Responses to “one hundred percent true”

  1. selkie Says:

    beautiful read – snags me a bit on “unrepentent” as point isn’t entirely clear to me but unwinds sensuouly and profoundily. Thank you for the read.

  2. Liebkraft Says:

    Poetry doesn’t have to have a point (plot).

  3. Pan/Thanatos Says:

    Nice piece. I always did like prose better than poetry. I doesn’t make sense to destroy meaning just to make it fit a rhyme scheme.
    Well done, and keep ’em coming.

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