One step at a time.

She stood at the top of the stairs, blindfolded and naked.

With a single tug on the leash, she took a shaky step forward. Her left foot came to an uneasy rest on the step below. Her right foot followed a moment later.

I signaled again and she advanced down to the next step, moving with the unsteady grace of the blind; her hands were at her sides, but at each step they would reach the slightest bit forward, fingers grasping and flinching at the unseen. Step by step, I took her down the stairs, my touch on the leather strap her sole source of guidance.

And in her descent, I found beauty.

In her trust, implicit as it was: there were no hedged moments of hesitancy as I led her down the stairs.

In her vulnerability. Divested completely of conceit, her thoughts were unguarded; I watched them play out in the sway of her body and the brisk pacing of each breath.

And in my connection to her, a pattern of direction and response played out along the length of leather from my hand to the collar around her neck.

6 thoughts on “One step at a time.”

  1. Thanks D´jaevle… Your name is almost danish, did you know that?

    Djaevle in danish means devils, but the third and forth letter is combined in one letter.

  2. As NE so elegantly put it, yes, I do (the name was a gift from someone).

    Which may lend my partiality to the language.

    I’d babelfish your own writing into English, but I have a feeling it would lose something in the translation.

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