vampire kisses

Here is one half of a conversation with Madeleine, my little vampire bitch and companion.


Madeleine shivers. "Though I am still inclined to occasional daydreaming about that night…"

Madeleine shakes her head. "Not one moment… the whole evening. But I suppose, really, the first time I felt your touch on my skin."


Madeleine nods slowly. "And the first time I felt your hands around my neck. Trembling, knowing how badly I wanted to surrender to you, doing it, and simultaneously being unable to believe that I was."

Madeleine mmmms dreamily. "I remember that too. And all the many gasps thereafter. Mostly because you bit me, you vampire, you."

Madeleine purrs. "Mostly the vampire, I think. There are too many dark promises in your whispers."

Madeleine squirms and, consequently, rubs back against your lap. "Some of your own creation… oh, and don't worry, if it gets too crowded, we can always make more."

Madeleine smiles at that, drawing a breath while she can. "I make few enough of them, don't I? Yes."

Madeleine moans and squirms again, gasping out, "What I want to know is how you know my weaknesses so well… or is it that I'm not so different from most other women?"

Madeleine shakes her head a little. "Who wouldn't? To see the passing of eternity… to feel such power… to remain like a god when everything else passes away? To be eternally young, and inestimably old…?"

Madeleine sighs softly. "I wish… but we grow old, and die. Even more reason to make the most of the time we have."

Madeleine closes her eyes and lays her head back against your shoulder again, her neck stretched taut and bared beneath your hand. "And relive them over and over…"

Madeleine moans softly… half sighs… and turns her head slightly to feel the roughness of your beard against her lips.

Madeleine whimpers into your mouth, knees getting a little weak as she trembles uncontrollably. "Another weakness…" she moans. "Your strength."

Madeleine whimpers again. "Maybe all the marks you left the -first- time will be gone by then."

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