Man in Wolf’s Clothing

For the most part, the words I have scribbled off in the corner over there are true: Everything that matters about me can be found in the writing.

Drawing back the curtain on a writer can reveal truths that will ultimately change the way their words are read, and I want my words to exist beyond their connection to me. But such desires are foolish. Blog writing is an exercise in intimacy.

So I expose small pieces of myself, the ones I believe to be related to my writing, and hope it is enough.

Here are a few pieces.

I graduated from a small college with a degree in English and Artificial Intelligence, an interdisciplinary major (’student-designed’). The degree was a reflection of my interests; I always thought I would get a degree in English, but I realized half way through college that I had little interest in any of the traditional occupations related to English (with a capital ‘E’). So I focused on my other favorite hobby, computers. I was lucky, in that the college I attended had a computer professor who specialized in AI. I took several of his courses, including Natural Language Processing, and found that the two disciplines could be connected.

After graduating, I tried a few jobs before getting lucky and finding a position at a company still going through the last few spurts of growth. I picked up some real-world skills and parlayed them into a career.

In my field, I’ve done everything from handling front-line support (taking calls from irate customers), to managing a team of technicians responsible for the well-being of a national ISP backbone, to maintaining a mission-critical network that supports scientific research.

I've got excellent friends; and in excellent, I mean they've helped me move three times in four years (I know people who would help you bury a body before helping you move that many times).

I'm just over thirty with most of my life ahead of me. I have a house with a window in the study that looks out over a stream, two cats who keep the ghosts at bay, and enough money to indulge in most of my vices.

Now if only I could keep out of trouble.

4 thoughts on “Man in Wolf’s Clothing”

  1. I love this post … reading your blog I always imagine you as a disembodied whisper (a very sexy whisper, I might add). These details add a background, the diaphanous outline of a human being. Thanks!

  2. It is nice to know more about you. Gives you more depth, a good thing. But as far as keeping out of trouble.. you don’t want that in the least! Now really! Nobody would believe that for a second!

  3. I do so love cutting my teeth on your words. You paint a perfect picture of yourself. Ahh, but is it really…Wolf.

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