Softer Side

Never underestimate the power of new, snug, socks.

For the first time in four years, I bought myself some new socks.

And I love them.

4 Responses to “Softer Side”

  1. chelsea girl Says:

    I concur: You cannot underestimate the pleasure of new, good socks. Which is probably why when Dumbledore looks at himself in the Mirror or Erised, he sees himself with a pair.

  2. alwaysarousedgirl Says:

    And the thing is that I never remember how amazing they feel until you’ve spent a year in saggy socks before getting new ones.

    **makes note on shopping list**

  3. lea Says:

    It is not always the complicated things of life that make us happy. New socks are a great example… enjoy them!!

  4. SG Says:

    Jack gets new socks every Christmas. He loves them too.

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