Appropriate Office Behavior

Like the warm kiss on the side of your neck that makes your knees weak, we all have an image, an idea, that can have a similar affect. A mental erogenous zone, this scenario has a way gripping our imagination and not letting go until we’ve managed to get it out our system by indulging our baser desires. This idea colors everything and can make places or people we would not normally consider as erotic to become so when placed on the stage or our mind’s arena. It promises mischief and we are sometimes helpless within its grasp.

One of these ideas, for me, is misbehaving at the office. Throw in a few references to hard, dirty, sex, and…



Teri pages: well, file it away in the back of your dirty little mind.. Because it’s been way to long since I had a really good vicious beating. I would think that you’d appreciate the opportunity to have a run at my tender hide again ;) I could be a little slut for you, if you like. I’ve got this dress that stops high and some garters to go with my corset…. *g*. All you’d have to do is bend me over…

D’jaevle pages: And spank you? Whip you? Flog you? Fuck you?

From afar, Teri wouldn’t mind any of the above. Or all of the above. I have this lovely image of being bent over your desk in that outfit. Tell me, D’jaevle, how long has it been since you fucked a woman’s ass?

D’jaevle pages: It’s been a while.

Teri pages: Miss it?

D’jaevle pages: About as much as you probably miss having your ass beaten bright red.

Teri pages: Ooooh, that’s really saying something….There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being split open and violated over and over and over…

D’jaevle pages: With fingernails biting into skin or tweaking nipples hard enough to send sharp lines to your clit.

Teri pages: that could be alot of fun.. *g* A pair of nipple clamps does that job nicely…Mmmm… would you want to whip me? Or flog me? Or spank me? mmm? Run a knife across my back.. or my arms.. or my legs…drip a candle over all the delicate bits? mmm.. Oh the options of things to do… But I’ll be a little slut for you, and let you do anything you want to me..

D’jaevle pages: Anything?

Teri pages: Why, what did you have in mind?

D’jaevle pages: Let’s go back to that image of you dressed up and bent over my office desk.

Teri pages: It’s a shame you’re office isn’t more private. *g* Otherwise I might actually show up dressed as such…

D’jaevle grins. Promises, promises.

Teri pages: It’d be rather hard to sneak in….at least not until after midnight, and Rose knows me well enough to know when some thing’s up ;)

D’jaevle chuckles.

Teri pages: I see.. *grins* Tell me something… what do you feel when you press me against the wall and beat me?

D’jaevle arches a brow. Hunger. Power. Excitement.

Teri pages: mmmmmm…do you have any idea how turned on I am right now?

D’jaevle pages: Tell me.

Teri pages: I can feel my clit throbbing against the fabric of my underwear. Are you turned on?

D’jaevle pages: I would say so, yes. Enough to make me want to just bend you over the desk, draw your pants over hips….

Teri pages: Mmm. I’d have to bite my lip to keep from making a sound. I’m already dripping wet.

D’jaevle pages: Your breasts pressed to the hard surface while your ass rubs back against my fingers.

Teri pages: you’d like that, wouldn’t you… Or you could push me up against the wall…
Teri pages: Drop my pants..

D’jaevle pages: And?

Teri pages: fuck me in to the wall…hands squeezing breasts, body crushed against me…

D’jaevle smiles. Or one hand pressed around your neck, while the other finds your clit.

Teri pages: ooohhh…I like that one better. Nothing makes me cum harder than a hand squeezing my throat….

3 thoughts on “Appropriate Office Behavior”

  1. OH! Office Sex!
    I adore it.. one of my all time fantasy things.. any kind.. although bent over the desk, whipped or spanked then choked and ~ and!!!
    lovely dream .. thanks ever so much!

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