Audible Candy for the Soul

You know what gets me off?

The sound of a woman who is being thoroughly fucked.

A woman who has been driven past the point of caring. A woman reduced to grunts and moans as a means of communication. Where every sound is elicited through a pounding need, a need so unrelenting it builds into a crescendo of cries that leaves her voice ragged. I get hard just thinking of it.

But I’ll take a woman in heat too, a woman whose seduction is deliberate, a woman who wants an audience as she strips herself bare. A woman with an intent to inspire who knows the husky promise of her words when the tangible weight of her desire makes her voice drowsy and hungry. The way her breath catches in surprise when she’s touched just right. The pause, the pause that tells me she’s reached the point of no return.

I love breathy moans and squeals of pleasure. I love shouts muffled by pillows and the sounds of fingers clawing at sheets. I love the sharp slapping echo of my hand meeting her ass and the low thump of a paddle on her thighs.

I want to hear the wet sounds of her when I press inside.

I want to hear her ass hitting my thighs when I take her from behind.


That gets me off.

5 thoughts on “Audible Candy for the Soul”

  1. Hmmmm, I like those noises too. It’s very odd because not 10 minutes ago I was in bed recording the noises I make while I masturbate (yes I know, it’s very strange). I intend to experiment with recording some sexual noises for my blog ;) I shall be sure to let you know when I post them :P

  2. D’jaevle, today I am rabid, dangerously consumed…I read you words, and in my mind I hear you speaking them, close to me, so close I can feel your breath against my neck…and my longing builds, the longing to be fucked exactly as I need, as you describe…and I wonder how much you would love to hear me beg first, before you thoroughly fuck me…how hard does begging make you?

  3. Magdelena,

    I love all begging. But some begging I love more than others.

    Begging through words and pleas. Begging in the message of a writhing body. Begging through tears. Begging through heated demands.

    For you, your mention of my name is begging enough to get me hard.

  4. At LAST.. one post of yours that finds me satiated, sighing with content.. fucked enough to make me almost too lazy to write.
    I have to agree.. there are few sounds involving good sex that are not a turn on for me. The sound of a zipper.. the way that makes me shiver.. the little sound that comes from the back of my throat just before i begin to moan and beg for more..
    Very hot post.. grin.. wish i could make you hard .. one day.

  5. I sometimes ask C. to masturbate with her vibrator while I sit across from her in the dark. There is the delicious build-up of her breathing as it gets lighter, quicker and then intermittent. Finally, the sound of her coming, and by then I’m usually hard (again).

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