When is a Kiss Just a Kiss?

Sometimes I dream of a kiss.

D’jaevle lowers his head to draw your lower lip into his mouth.

Katelin closes her eyes tightly, kissing you back more intensely, hungrily, her tongue searching for yours, not even realizing anything else but your lips and your kiss. She breathes out slowly.

D’jaevle smiles, but it is hidden against your skin as he slowly traces a line of small kisses along the front of your throat.

Katelin moans and presses close to you, lost in your kisses, not paying attention to anything but that.

D’jaevle draws back just slightly, his voice soft, “When was the last time you felt this?”

Katelin says, “Oh……too long ago…”

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  1. lea Says:

    Doesn’t everyone dream of a kiss like that? At least ONE. .. if not thousands

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