good girl

There is something in that first meeting; the first time your eyes meet; the first time you hear her laugh; the first time you felt his fingers touch your hand; the first time he made your breath catch.

You know just how dangerous some firsts are. They set precedent.

It was in the way his gaze held yours when he fixed the button on your shirt.

The slightest tremble when his warm hands found your waist.

He could have stopped there. He could have let her slip away to home and safety.

But he didn’t.

He pinned you gently but firmly against the concrete pillar in the garage and leaned in close enough for you to feel his breath along the curve of your throat. Lips brushed your pulse and you felt it flutter, felt that moment where you had one last chance to flee.

He  shifted just far enough back so you thought you had an avenue of escape. But the pathway to freedom was just an illusion and the moment passed.

This time, when his hands found your lower back, slipping under your shirt, it was with intent. He drew you against him, until you could feel the strength and safety within his arms.

“Good girl.”

He freed one hand to open the door to the backseat of the car and then picked you up and placed you inside, joining a moment later. His hand found your throat and pinned you down onto the seat; his free hand undid the buttons of your shirt, starting with the one he had just fixed minutes before. 

Even in the dark interior of the car, you could see his eyes on you. He held your gaze and then slowly, deliberately lowered his lips to your bared collarbone. Your shoulder. The top of your breasts.

With his hand nestled intimately around your throat he could feel each breath, feel the pace of them increasing as he stripped away your defenses.

The hand that undid each button rested atop your pants, lightly, almost a tease.

“Say please, princess.”

You felt the word on your lips, but you didn’t want to say it. You didn’t want to give it to him.

But he took the word anyways, his hand slipping between pants and skin and you felt his strong fingers for the first time, curling with deft practice between your thighs and the hand around your throat tightened just enough that you felt your breath stolen and time stood still.


Was that your voice? Did you say that?

But you already knew the answer. And a moment later, when his fingers slid deep inside of you, nothing else mattered.  

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