“I’m about to float out of my skin”

One word after another, weaving the lines tighter and tighter, devolving thought into instinctual pleasure.

Djaevle: Press your hand in against your pussy.

Reine: yes

Djaevle: Feel the heat.
Djaevle: The wetness.
Djaevle: The hunger, under your hand.
Djaevle: Feel yourself stroking, for me.
Djaevle: Feel it build even higher.
Djaevle: Until you feel it in your pulse.
Djaevle: Your breathing.
Djaevle: Your hand.

Reine: god
Reine: it is ethereal
Reine: i’m about to float out of my skin
Reine: may i?

Djaevle: Almost.

Reine: please

Djaevle: Think. On that edge.
Djaevle: Think about the wicked things I make you do.
Djaevle: That I can make you do.
Djaevle: That you’re playing with your pussy at my words.
Djaevle: That I could make you be even more wicked.
Djaevle: Feel that.
Djaevle: Taste it.
Djaevle: Do anything for it? 

Reine: YES

2 thoughts on ““I’m about to float out of my skin””

  1. Well OF COURSE she said YES!! most anyone would do anything .. put in that postion, thrown against the wall as that must feel!
    wonderful hot erotic way to imagine life.. on a monday AM.
    thanks, as always!

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