Fill in the Blanks

Here is one half of a conversation I had with someone I consider to be deliciously adept at being the right kind of prey. This was…just under two and a half years ago.

The half missing? Mine. See if you can imagine what it is I am saying between each of her responses.

Mischief moans and presses herself against you. “Never mind.”

Mischief gasps involuntarily at the thought of being punished.

Mischief smiles mischievously, “And what if I said it was?”

Mischief groans, “In that case, I have a confession to make…”

Mischief inhales sharply, a growl escaping her lips.

Mischief says, between clenched teeth, “Harder. Bite harder.”

Mischief says, “Ohhh…” Mischief arches her back as she moans in pleasure.

Mischief squirms and purrs, “So have I.”

Mischief is breathing hard now, lost in the feel of your lips on her soft flesh.

Mischief groans, “Ye gods…what do you think?”

Mischief pants, “I’m dripping…the crotch of my panties is practically soaked. And that’s *not* hyperbole.”

Mischief leans over and moans softly in your ear, “How’s this for a voice breathless with anticipation and need?”

Mischief says, “Unh…” Mischief digs her nails into your back, whimpering with need.

Mischief just decides to dispense with the panties altogether, after which she slowly buries not two, but three fingers inside.

Mischief leans back on the couch, purring deeply with pleasure.

Mischief rests her hand on your head, entwining her fingers in your hair.

Mischief writhes back and forth, alternating between moaning and growling as she feels her clit become hard and swollen.

Mischief looks down at you. “Please…”

Mischief whimpers softly, “Oh…I want you to hear me moan for you…”

Mischief trembles, being driven almost crazy with the urge to climax.

Mischief whimpers, “Don’t stop…”

Mischief stares at you and whispers, the need in her voice apparent, “Call me? Please?”

Mischief growls. “Ohhhh…you…”

Mischief pants, her need making her rather dizzy. “Please…please call me…I need to cum.”

Mischief growls, “Now.”

4 thoughts on “Fill in the Blanks”

  1. Well now ~ of course i can imagine what you are saying or doing in between each sentence.. but are the sentences in order?
    Thats my only question.. they seem a bit out of order..may have to reread them ~ how sad!

  2. That was hot even before I thought about what you were saying to make her say/do those things. Mmm, after some speculation, wow…

  3. Delicioius.. sorry i took it so literally. I was prepared to presume to put in your words..
    Took my breath away.. thanks

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