statues and statutes

I started writing for this blog thirteen years ago. I was twenty-nine. I’m now forty-two.

That is time enough to evolve as a person.

To become a better writer.

To become a better person.

To become a better wolf.

Only two of those things actually happened.

I started writing here as a means to encourage my creativity. I can write alone, but I cannot write in a vacuum. I need a muse, a spark. An audience, even if it is an audience of one.

That hasn’t changed.

The kink community has certainly progressed since I started this blog. Fetlife is now a staple, now as much a dating site for kink as a community for exploration. Fifty Shades came out, main-streaming rope and floggers. Instagram, twitter, and Fetlife writings have generally replaced blogs as a resource.

In those thirteen years I have bought a motorcycle and gained three tattoos.

I now favor depth over breadth of experience. I still want to take things (people) apart, but I have less patience for doing so with those not sharp enough to understand the subtleties that give it rich flavor.

I am pickier. More patient.

(most of the time)

But there is still the wolf of me.

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