Vibrance Isn’t Necessarily Sanity

What cost, awareness?

Madeleine says, “Mon maitre, you never bring sanity to my life.”

D’jaevle says, “I bring the best kind of sanity possible.”
D’jaevle says, “You’re never more alive then when my hand is on your throat.”

Madeleine says, “You bring more like the pleasant numbness of complete upheaval. Vibrance isn’t necessarily sanity.”

2 Responses to “Vibrance Isn’t Necessarily Sanity”

  1. Boldn'Brazen Says:

    It’s certainly not sanity.

    But vibrance is actually more necessary than sanity.

  2. lea Says:

    Vibrance may not be sanity.. but do we always need to be so sane?

    I rather like vibrance more than sanity , some days.

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