Eyes, said to be the gateway of the soul. The difference between staring and gazing is…what? The barrier of soul being raised or lowered?

I’ve seen pretty eyes, sorrowful eyes, intent eyes – yet I do not believe that you see through them and into a person. They tell just as much when closed, as when open.

Let us take your eyes, for example.

Do they look away during a particularly intimate moment of the conversation? Do they flicker down and to the side when I mention how warm your skin is? Do they widen when my fingers find the pulse on your wrist? Do they go half-lidded when I whisper the details of my plans for you? Do they close entirely the first time my teeth find that spot along your inner thigh?

D’jaevle leans over and whispers softly, “If I were to fuck you, how would you want it?”

Madeleine hmmms. “I think I’d want you on top of me, so I could look into your eyes.”

D’jaevle looks down at you, “Could you hold my gaze while I slid into you?”

Madeleine says “It would be hard… but I think I could try.”

D’jaevle draws the hair from your face again, “The whole time I drove into you?”

Madeleine nods. “I think I’d like to try… I can imagine it would make me squirm.”

D’jaevle says “Yes, it would. Especially if you saw in my eyes what I think you would.”

Madeleine says “What do you think I would see?”

D’jaevle says “You sure you want to know?”

Madeleine nods.

D’jaevle says “I think you would see me taking everything away from you. Each time I slid inside, you would see me laying you open, driving into you just exactly where I’ve placed you.”

Madeleine says “Or I’d see anger. I often think you look angry when you’re above me that way. It makes me feel very small and helpless.”
Madeleine says “Which, of course, I kinda like. ;)”

D’jaevle smiles, “You might see anger.” He leans over, “And you might see something…else.”

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