“Accidentally my ass.”

D’jaevle says “Not wearing white today, by any chance, are you?”

Madeleine laughs. “No…”

D’jaevle says “Damnation. So much for accidentally knocking water onto your pretty white clothes.”

Madeleine says “Accidentally my ass.”

D’jaevle says “You sure you want to bring your ass into it?”

Madeleine says “Not entirely, no. :)”

D’jaevle says “Just part of your ass?”
D’jaevle looks you over with a slow spreading smile.

Madeleine just looks at the ceiling.

D’jaevle circles you and then places a hand on your upper back, forcing you forward, stumbling close to the wall. His hands slip down your ass slowly, feeling the curves through the layers of clothing.

Madeleine glances up at you and murmurs, ‘Stop making me want you so damn much.’

D’jaevle moves his hands to your waist, pulling you back hard against him, your ass rubbing along the length of the hard lump in his jeans, “Or what?”

Madeleine whimpers. “Or… I may get weak(er) in the knees…”

D’jaevle presses closer, grinding your ass back against him, his voice low, “It might be hard, but I can live with you getting weak…in the knees…”

Madeleine leans her head back against your shoulder, her breath hot along your jawline. And whimpers again. “It’s not fair to tease me this way when you’re so far away…”

3 thoughts on ““Accidentally my ass.””

  1. *soft, mewing sounds*
    You remind me of some of the things I miss quite a lot…and yet you make it such a marvelous thing to remember, instead of a pining ache.

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