Habits of Contention

I’ve done some writing about my past, as if writing about how I became interested in certain themes might provide context to the rest of the writing I do here.

I’ve given glimpses into my relationship with NE (my best friend and my submissive). I’ve posted several conversations showing my interaction with women I’ve spoken to in the past.

But there are a few women I haven’t spoken about, for various reasons. There is one I want to speak to now.

She is the closest thing I’ve had to having a partner in crime. She can be submissive, but never an unequal. She can be tempting, but never quite the innocent. She can be stubborn, but never truly unreasonable. She is devious, evil, curious, and occasionally cruel. She is the only person I’ve ever driven more than two hours just to meet.

I love the predator in her. Especially when I see it behind her eyes, under me.


Djaevle nuzzles your wrist, finding the broken skin, his mouth hot against you as he licks again, slowly, “And I…” his mouth slips lower, along your arm, nipping the skin, “..will ensure…” his body shifts as he kisses up to your neck, “…that you enjoy it.”

Madeleine gasps softly as she tilts her head to the side, her hair falling away from her neck. “This is a good beginning,” she whispers, her eyes still closed.

Djaevle leaves small wet kisses along the edge of your neck. Pressing you back on the bed, he looms over you, hands pressing the silk up and away from your breasts, “I once held someone’s hands over her head…” Fingers trail down the top of your breasts, “…and teased their nipples, breasts, skin…” his hands press in, tugging on the tips lightly, then harder, “…until they begged to cum…they would have done anything…”

Madeleine groans at that. “And did you let her?” she asks, looking up at you with impassioned, but curious eyes.

Djaevle lowers his head to your nipples, blowing gently against them, his hands slipping along your arms, drawing them over your head, “…now that would be telling, wouldn’t it?” His teeth draw down on the nipple, and back, tugging slowly, and then rolling it, teasing it as he would your clit, taking his time to lick slowly, then abruptly bite down, only to gently tease it again.

Madeleine looks at you for a long moment, watching, then asks, “What do you get, personally, out of being a dominant? What do you value most about it… what part is your greatest personal thrill, and why do you think it is?”

Djaevle chuckles, not releasing your hands, but drawing his attention up from your breasts, “I enjoy making women want something. I enjoy feeling and watching their pleasure. I enjoy the place I can put them, when things are felt on an entirely different level.”

Madeleine hmmms. “Interesting perspective,” she muses.

Djaevle looks down at you for a moment and then shakes his head with a smile.

Madeleine grins. “What…? I’m intrigued by psychology.”

Djaevle says, “Right.”

Madeleine is, really.

Djaevle leans back on the bed, away from you, “Anything else you wish to know?”

Madeleine hmmms. “Do we ever get to roleplay? As in the entirely fictional sort? I miss that.”

Djaevle smiles, “Very demanding, aren’t we?”

Madeleine gasps indignantly. “I demanded nothing… I just asked.” She grins.

Djaevle says, “Did you have a particular setting in mind?”

Madeleine shakes her head. “Here… we can just make up something.”
Madeleine wants to play at vampires and indians.

4 thoughts on “Habits of Contention”

  1. Vampires and Indians…….?

    How lovely are the moments when I surrender to your words, especially times such as these when I am sleepy and less inclined to fight or feel into defences.

    I also have unspoken of lovers. I’m not yet ready to place them on my page.

  2. Is this me? My, my… such words from the Master himself. Now I have truly arrived. Someone knows the path to my lust. The path of least resistance, you might say.

    I’d blame myself for admitting to having such an ego in the first place, but you’d have guessed it even without my confessions, wouldn’t you? In so many ways, you are indeed my sire, having wakened this beast within me. My panther to your wolf, I think.

    I always fantasized about the havoc we could wreak together, had we but world enough, and time…

  3. Magdelena,
    Well, that or her other favorite game: ‘werewolves, vampires, and innocent girls, oh my’.

    We all have unspoken lovers. I look forward to what they reveal about you, when you are ready to share them.

    Cruel One,
    Yes, you. Always so modest…I should call you ‘the perpetually bratty one’. Seems just as appropriate.

    The world is not ready for havok we would wreak, my dear.

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