“A day in the life of…” – End Notes

And so concludes the story. Well, mostly. There is the matter of a young girl awaiting her final lessons…poor Evelyn, is she ready for what is in store for her?

But I will conclude that thread another day. For all intents and purposes, the story is complete. I went ahead and placed the story as a whole in one place so that it can easily be read from beginning to end: “A day in the life of…”

3 thoughts on ““A day in the life of…” – End Notes”

  1. Thanks for making it easier to read.. and indeed.. what about poor Evelyn? I do think that should be addressed in some manner.. at a later date!!
    Marvelous writing.. thanks again

  2. Ok, so now I am just waiting for the novel. (I mean totally waiting!) It is ten or maybe twenty times better than some of the shit that is on the books shelves nowadays in the fantasy section.

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