every two hours

Every two hours.

12am. 2am. 4am. 6am.

I woke.

I read that the REM cycle lasts just over 90 minutes.

Perhaps mine take a bit longer.

I laid in bed and thought of the various skills and hobbies I’ve attempted to master over the years.

When I was about 10 or 11, I saw a martial arts movie on TV and thought: “I can do that.”

And then proceeded to acquire a long stick to twirl around in a dangerous and potentially awe-inspiring fashion.

At 17, after seeing Labyrinth, I became convinced that contact juggling was about the coolest thing ever. I found a how-to book on-line and began practicing with a clear acrylic ball.

I got…well, not good.

Not even decent.

But I did get comfortable.

Around 24, I tried woodcutting for about ten minutes. I bought about $40 dollars of equipment, and then say out on my patio with a chain mail glove on my left hand and began whittling.

I thought the act would free up my mind to think. Instead, I spent most of my time cursing my lack of fine dexterity. I put the woodcutting equipment in my attic.

Last year I bought a harmonica. My grandfather used to play ‘Oh Clementine’ with vibrato and I wanted to carry on this fine tradition.

So far I’ve managed to get down “Scarborough Fair”, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”, and “Popeye”.

Some of my interests have lasted a bit longer. I’m on my second motorcycle. I’m going hang gliding for a second time next week. I learned how to bake a mean cinnamon walnut bread from scratch.

And this writing thing seems to have stuck with me.

Two hours is not nearly long enough.

2 thoughts on “every two hours”

  1. Very thought-provoking. At school I learnt many skills I have since left by the wayside; I’m just not sure how implement basket-weaving, silver casting, copperwork, iron forging, joinery, book-binding, or pottery into my every day life. They are all things I’m glad to have learnt though.

    And no. Two hours is not long enough.

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