jody and the kids

After 24 hours of labor, NE and Bear brought two new beautiful babies into the world.

Although they are both fat and healthy, they look tiny when I’m holding them in my arms.

Today is a fantastic day.

And now I need some sleep.

7 Responses to “jody and the kids”

  1. kelly Says:


  2. Auor Says:

    Much congratulations to you all!

  3. magdelena Says:

    Oh, what lovely news.
    May the Angels shelter them.
    Will you be their godfather?


  4. Dark Genesis Says:

    Congratulations to you all.

    May the Lady bless the little ones with joy, wisdom and love for all of their days.

  5. Leopard Says:

    Do I have to call you Don Corleone now?

  6. nancy Says:

    how wonderful!
    Life is so much fun.
    Enjoy and love those babies always!

  7. pnthrkitty Says:

    Many congratulations to you all!!! That would be the exact same reason that I have been absent for so long now. Enjoy the little annoyances!!! HAHA They go away all to quickly.

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