irreverence in place

At heart, we are needful.

We crave life in all it’s inglorious beauty. We want to experience it stripped naked of pretense.

And we all share a fundamental desire to test ourselves against the razor-thin lines between what is safe and what is possible.

These are my thoughts, tonight; my desires; my needful things.

D’jaevle, Serenity

3 Responses to “irreverence in place”

  1. Liebkraft Says:

    Limits from lies. Safe from possible.

    I have never stopped reading you.

  2. Gray Says:

    I am so tickled to have found your site, your words.

    *scampers off to play catch up*

  3. D'jaevle Says:

    Why, thank you.

    Mostly because you used the word scamper. I just love that word.

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