city of lights, city of shadow

It’s official; I’ll be heading to Europe in late October, hitting six countries in fifteen days.

On the one hand, I’ll get to experience several cultures and hit the highlights at each location; on the other hand, two days in Paris is no way to enjoy the place.

Of course, if I fall in love with one particular country, I can always return.

If there is anyone who lives in (or near) London, Bruges, Amsterdam, Paris, Innerlaken, or Rome, who would like to meet up for drinks while I’m over there, just let me know (I’ll be staying at the Four Seasons King George while in Paris, and they must have a kick ass bar there).

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  1. Ve Says:

    Re: London and fetish, if you wanna go somewhere, try

    Different parties every weekend. Have a good time!

  2. random Says:

    Mm! This sounds awesome. Have always wanted to go to EUROPE! Charming lil country sides.

  3. adil Says:

    je datond

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