have knives, will travel

This autumn, I am going to Europe.

Over ten years ago, I visited Ireland. I wasn’t long out of college, had few attachments other then the friends I went with, and the week we spent roaming the Irish countryside with a map and a rough plan was an important one.

The week was filled with interesting memories: The first ‘castle’ we found was smaller then the place I live in now; on a road along the Dingle peninsula, we defied the laws of physics by passing between sleeping sheep on one side and a large tour bus on the other – on a road I swear wasn’t more than a few feet larger then the car we were driving in; the last night we were there, we feasted in Bunratty castle, drinking mead served by wenches and accompanied by good music.

It was a hell of a great trip.

This fall I’m heading back overseas; not to Ireland this time – but London, Paris, Rome, Venice, Interlaken, and Amsterdam. It’ll only be for a couple of weeks, but I plan to make the most of it.

4 thoughts on “have knives, will travel”

  1. Ahh, I am terribly jealous. Not only have you visited my ancestral homeland, but now you are going to visit three places on my “bucket list.” Yes, terribly jealous.

  2. Wonderful. I have seen every one of those places.

    And can’t wait to go back.

  3. OK…I have to set the record straight…we went to Ireland exactly 8 years ago on May 25th.

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