Fingers hooked on the front of your jeans and I dragged you close.

I read the uncertainty in your eyes, but there was no hesitation in my own. It didn’t take much to loosen your jeans, just a quick unsnapping of buttons and my hand was drawing them over your hips. I could feel your indecision like a low current along your skin, but while I was moving slowly, letting the jeans settle around your feet, I gave you no chance to escape. My hands moved to your wrists, drawing them over your head, and your shirt joined your jeans on the floor.

You were bared to me, clothed now only in the sheer fabric of your panties. I leaned forward, forcing you back a step, until you were trapped between me and the desk. My hands encircled your waist and I lifted you, settling your ass near the edge.

Knee nudging your thighs apart, I stepped between your legs and buried my right hand in the back of your hair. Drawing your head back to expose your throat, my words were spoken against the long curve of your neck.


And you were, for you had no where to go.

With my other hand, I unsnapped my own jeans, but left them on, just freeing myself ,a length of heat against your naked thigh; I was content for the moment to let it rest against your skin, a solid reminder of my intent. In contrast, the light touch of my lips along your neck was almost gentle, slow, and lingering.

Nuzzling your vulnerable throat, my lips parted to taste your skin.

But where lips moved, teeth soon followed, first grazing the pulse alongside your neck and then sinking into your shoulder.

I drew aside your panties and buried myself inside of you. Almost as a reflex, your legs twined behind my waist, pulling me in until you were filled completely.

I used my grip in your hair to draw you close enough to kiss – hard – biting your lower lip as I drove inside again, and again, and again, relentlessly, bodies pressed tight; I could feel your breasts pressed into my skin, your thighs around my own, and there was no pause, no moment of peace, just savage fucking until I felt you tense, your gasp of release caught against the top of my chest.

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  1. *sigh* Why can’t You live near me??? Beautiful and perfect, as always. Thank You.

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