The distance between asshole and prick is only a few inches.

Being honest comes in many flavors. The two types of honesty I am talking about today are amongst the harsher variety. You can be brutally truthful without being entirely offensive. The difference?

When she asks, “Do I look good in this?” and you say, “No. Try on the short pink dress instead.” You’re being an asshole.

When she asks, “Do I look good in this?” and you say, “Hell no. What makes you think you can pull something like that off?” You’re being a prick.

Do yourself a favor. When necessary, be the asshole – but avoid being the prick.

2 Responses to “Asshole”

  1. sweety Says:

    That is not an asshole comment. And if a woman asks, really, not reflecting her own narcissisom, she is only concerned with what appeals to you. Therefore the asshole answer is an honest answer, not offensive.

    Do you not expect the same of her, without asking? Methinks her hand may be more delicate…kisses…

  2. Shasta Gibson Says:

    I would certainly agree that the ‘asshole’ comment is far better than the ‘prick’ comment. However, I am usually kind enough not to put other people in a situation where they have to chose one or the other ;)

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