Mandrake Root

Posted in Crimson Writ, General Musings on August 25th, 2021 by D'jaevle

It is said that darkness provides the cover needed to be our true selves.

There is truth in that. In the grace of dark cover, away from curious eyes, we are often granted the bravery necessary to ackonowledge our more wicked sides.

But it is not enough.

Because it is only when you are seen as your most wicked self that it becomes something real. Something not just awknowledged, but embraced.


You are most honest when held by a gaze that doesn’t judge. Under the eyes of someone who accepts all parts of you, you can unfurl, reaching towards truth and allow your walls to lower. It is there that you find fertile soil to let your hungers grow.

And I – I am large enough of self to provide the shade you need to be brave. I am confident enough to let the vines find purchase about my limbs.

And I am strong enough to help you nurture that garden that I might pluck the fruit from the vines, sink my teeth into plump curves, and savor your secret self.

last bitten

Posted in Crimson Writ, Poetry on August 23rd, 2021 by D'jaevle

this is your last chance.

the last open door

the last bit of daylight

the last choice
before all the rest


Posted in Poetry on August 16th, 2021 by D'jaevle

be the rain for me.

kiss my cheeks
and bless my lips

hide my tears
with your own

wash away
all things

(the rain)
(and you)