…and at least one day spent practicing knots.

What have I been up to?

For those playing along at home, it should come as no surprise that I recently attended a Pearl Jam concert. It was, undoubtedly, the best concert I've attended to date.

This summer, I have several small vacations planned. I've already spent a few days at the beach where I found that water temperature can dramatically change from one day to the next. The first day in the ocean, the waves were amazing but the water had us literally shivering. The second day saw tamer waves but the water temperature was perfect.

In early July I'll be heading back to the lake house, one of my favorite vacation spots (due in large part to the excellent friends I go with). They've added a pool table and air hockey since we were there last, and I'm quite keen to lose my shirt at billiards.

The first week in August will see me in New York for four days, attending a play or musical on each (Wicked, Passing Strange, Young Frankenstein and South Pacific) and I plan to spend at least one afternoon exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My recent fascination with Opera Seria and Belle Canto operas led me to the NY Metropolitan Opera house's website, and I noticed they are playing Don Giovanni – which may require that I take another trip to NY early next year to see it.

I have a mountain trip scheduled for October, and I plan to set a date for a mile high hand-gliding excursion sometime before winter hits. I'd also like to find time for a motorcycle trip in September, taking a few days to drive westward and get some serious mileage onto my bike.

And those are just the vacations I have planned. 

The real trouble happens in between… 

5 Responses to “…and at least one day spent practicing knots.”

  1. Beth Says:


    What’s hand gliding, please?

  2. Abby Says:

    Westward huh?

  3. D'jaevle Says:

    Hand gliding is hang gliding; when I was a kid, I would see people hang gliding and I always thought they were only connected to the glider but the strength of their hands.

    I thought it rather daring of them to depend on their arm strength like that. Hence…

  4. Beth Says:

    Yes. *smiles faintly* I was wondering if it was a typo, you see, or if you called it that deliberately.

  5. Christina Says:

    When you travel in September via your motorcycle be sure to wear a helmet.. What a silly idea for passing a bill in Congress that helmet’s aare not required!! So many deaths that could have been avoided.

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