It started with listening to lectures on the lives of classical composers while commuting to work. Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Brahm.

And now I find that I have immersed myself in the music, and I cannot stop.

Sonatas, concertos, symphonies, operas – one after a other, pausing when I find one that resonates, to listen again, and again, until I am lost to the strings and the wind.

5 Responses to “adiago”

  1. moonheart Says:

    And what’s your favourite composer and concerto?

  2. D'jaevle Says:

    To be honest, I remain a neophyte; I am only now coming to truly appreciate the music. It would be too soon to even try to answer that.

    I will say, I was listening to Monteverde’s ‘Orfeo’ tonight, and I connected to it in a fashion that reminded me why I love music so much.

  3. Nikole Says:

    I bought a Beethoven Cd on a whim and I am like you now. Entranced, mesmerized absolutely enchanted. It speaks to me at my core.

  4. moonheart Says:

    Oh that’s nice, i love music from the renaissance and baroque very much. My favourite is Albinoni. I heard his music for the first time in the movie The trial from Orson Welles and closed the adagio in my heart.
    Music is the plaster for the soul i think.

    Why did you listen to Monteverdi? Did you hear it somewhere? Or did the theme at first attracted you? I am always interested in peoples ideas of music. :-)

    Sweet greetz from Holland, mo

  5. Christina Says:

    I have a 2CD by Lifescapes entitled Best of Classical..
    I too find myself replaying Gymnopedie – Romantic Classical; Pavane – Masters of Classical.
    The music is so soothing especially when one is feeling sad.

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